“Vanessa Leuck’s stylish costumes and the ever-shifting mood ring effect of Jeff Croiter’s lighting beautifully coalesce into a vivid, comprehensive vision of 1920s New York”

Maya Phillips, New York Times

“The true star of the show, however, was Vanessa Leuck’s incredible costume and make-up design. Each performer was dressed to the nines in a literal and symbolic representation of the emotion or “character” they were there to represent. The costumes were all-encompassing, from their shiny boots to the glittery wigs atop most performer’s heads (designed by Bobbie Zlotnik), they added color to the white-blocked set design of David Goldstein, when it wasn’t being animated by the digital world created in Lisa Renkel and Possible’s projection design. Leuck also added subtle treats for those who looked closely enough at the character’s attire: you could see that many of the characters were adorned with accentuating ribbons of binary code – referencing the emoji make-up and Nerd Face’s song “Zeros and Ones.”

Brittany Crowell,

“(The delightful costumes are by Vanessa Leuck, who also designed the excellent makeup.)”

Laura Collins-Hughes, The New York Times (Critics Pick!)

“…the cast jumps in with gusto, and thanks to Vanessa Leuck‘s make-up designs and Bobbie Zlotnik’s hair/wig designs everyone nicely resembles their virtual alter egos from the neck up. Leuck’s smart cartoon costumes take care of the rest.”

Michael Dale, Broadway World

“Projection designers Lisa Renkel & Possible, working with costumer Vanessa Leuck and lighting designer Jamie Roderick, craft a landscape of pastel and neon hues, turning David Goldstein’s fundamentally minimalist set—consisting chiefly of piles of white cubes —into a virtual (pun intended) playground.”

Elysa Gardner, New York Stage Review